Hello. My name is Efe Buyuran, and I’m a Front-End Developer from Istanbul with 10 years of experience.

I specialize in creating beautiful web applications which fluidly runs through wide range of screens and devices.

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About Me

Majoring in Visual Communication at Istanbul Commerce University, my enthusiasm for interactive web design led me to pursue essential web technologies where I met with the tools of a Front-End Developer. Most of my technical proficiency derives from long hours of self-taught research.

I can deliever complex projects from scratch, build interactive banners, provide graphic support and technical insight where necessary. I've had the privilege of working for global brands (such as Hyundai & Huawei), as well as local entities (like Opet. N'oluyo, 1V1Y) either directly or through my employer.

In the line of duty, I'm obsessively perfectionist, always trying to provide the most optimal solution. I'm striving to be as versatile as I can to learn whatever is necessary to finish the job. I believe in organized, easily maintainable, lightweight, cross-browser compliant code to deploy rapidly on any project as I enjoy working efficiently in a creative environment.

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  • PUG -> HTML5
  • SASS -> CSS3
  • Native Javascript
  • Ajax functionality
  • NodeJS & Taskrunners
  • Dynamic SVG
  • Speed Optimisation
  • SEO Enhancements
  • Google Analytics
  • Interactive HTML5 Banners
Tools & Software
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Audition
  • Adobe Premiere
  • Adobe Flash
  • Sublime Text
  • Visual Studio


Istanbul Ticaret Üniversitesi
College - Visual Communication
2009 - 2015
Yelkikanat Anadolu Meslek Lisesi
Vocational High School
2004 - 2009
İstek Acıbadem Koleji
Middle School
2000 - 2004
Eyüboğlu Koleji
Primary Education
1995 - 2000

Work Experience

Front-End Developer
April '16 - Present
Front-End Developer
September - December '15
February - July '15
Graphic Designer
Augustus - October '13
Jnr. Front-End Developer
3 Months
Jnr. Graphic Designer
6 Months
CSS PipBoy Preview
Huawei Akademi Website Preview
Aygaz 1000 Banner Preview
Hyundai Surprizi Website Preview
Huawei Landing Page Website Preview
Hyundai Euro 2016 Banner Preview
Aygaz Tasarruf Banner Preview
TicaretinYeri Website Preview
N'Oluyo Login Screen Preview
Aygaz Station Banner Preview

Please send me an email at efebuyuran@gmail.com or get in touch with me through one of my social media accounts.